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Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds

  • ‘Total THC’ Compliant Cultivar
  • High CBD:THC Ratio
  • 100% Feminized
  • Frosty, Beautiful Buds
  • High Yielding Biomass
  • Top-Shelf Smokable Flower
  • High In Desirable Terpenes
  • Exceptional Structure

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Request a FREE 1/8th OZ of Hempress 3 Smokable Hemp Flower to see, smell, smoke, taste and test yourself before you buy!


PER usda


Over 29:1 Ratio



Hempress 3 Customers Said...

“Hi Beth – they appear to be about 2-3 weeks from harvest. So far so good, they are doing better than the lifter and sour space they are with. I’m going to do a couple hundred (big ones) in my field this year.”

~ Jeremy, OR, May 2021


“Absolutely beautiful structure, dense nugs and a pleasant aroma of citrus, earth and pine. A smooth smoke that burned slow and cleanly. I really enjoyed the after-taste, reminiscent of warm spice and mulled lemons. Subtle muscular relaxation and mental clarity prevailed noticeably, but lasted only a few short moments. The flower itself was beautiful, the experience was enjoyable – overall, I am impressed!”

~ Kenna, MD, May 2021


“Flower looks and smells good!! Great structure!”

~ Matt SC, May 2021


“Hi Beth thanks for the sample…honestly…its a beauty to say the least. The density is there, the nose, the trimming….very impressed trying to see if I can fit her in the greenhouse. One of the nicest strains I’ve seen in the hemp world for sure! I’ll be definitely getting flower from you for our dispensary here soon and seeds! Thanks again. We are almost there.”

~ Oscar, TX, May 2021


“I got some good feedback on full term. The Hempress three is super frost resistant, good for higher altitude spots.”

~ Jesse, OR, July 2021


“This is DELICIOUS… The Taste is a TEN! Oh My God… It’s Strong Too!”

~ Taz, “Smoking Legal” Hempress 3 CBD Flower Review, July 2021

👃 Nose / Smell: 

LOUD designer boutique terpene profiles produce strong, satisfying smells of classic Afghan Skunk expressions with deep exotic gas funk unfolding into layers of sweet, creamy tropical fruitiness, hints of earth, pine and full bodied tastes of euphoric floral dolphin dreams…

Hempress 3 is a premium CBD hemp flower genetic high in newly discovered VSC’s (volatile sulfur compounds) including sulfur containing thiols.

Meet Beth Jones of Hempress3.com

A Needle In a Haystack



  • Lineage: Afghan Skunk x Cannatonic x Abacus
  • Planting: 1,200 to 5,000 Per Acre
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
  • Yield: Medium to High
  • Height: 4-8+ Feet
  • Fem Rate: 100%*
* Fully Feminized: Field trials of over 20,000 Hempress 3 feminized seeds from the exact seed lot we are selling in 2021 were grown and finished in 2020 with ZERO MALES found.  Not one.  100% female plants to date with minimal herms.

Hempress 3 Docs & DATA

Exotic Canopy Solutions, LLC Authorization to Sell Seed:

California Seed Sellers Permit

Hemp Seed Cultivar / Variety Registration Documents:

Hempress 3 Grower Registration Documents


Cannabinoid & Terpene Testing:

Hempress 3 COA’s, Terpene Testing & Phytofacts


Feminization Testing:

ECS Hempress 3 CSU Feminization Test 6/13/20


Germination Testing:

ECS Hempress 3 Eurofins Purity & Germination Test 10/22/20


Seed Label Data:

Kind: Hemp

Variety: Hempress 3

Lot#: EC20H3-1

Feminization Rate: 100%

Germination Rate: 97%

Pure Seed: 99.81%

PLS: 96.82%

Inert Matter: .19%

Noxious Weed: 0%

Weed Seed: 0%

Other Crop: 0%

Origin: CO

Date Tested: 10/22/20


Hempress 3 is a world leader in Hemp Genetics with an average Total CBD to Total THC ratio of over 29:1!


Click Here to View Additional COA’s from dozens of Hempress 3 Cultivar lab tests of flower grown in multiple states (CA, OR, CO, WI) throughout flowering cycles, each linked to COA publicly available through our SC Labs. Minor cannabinoids CBG and CBC are consistently present. 


🧬🧬🧬 Phylos Tested:

Genotype Report | View On Galaxy | Organization Profile


Hempress 3 is an Approved Industrial Hemp Cultivar in California, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Michigan and New York. We can easily add your state if we’re not already there.



Hempress 3
Feminized Seeds

💥 Seed Packs:

Pack of 100 Seeds = $300 ($3 per seed)

Pack of 250 Seeds = $500 ($2 per seed)

Pack of 500 Seeds = $750 ($1.50 per seed)


🔥 Bulk Pricing:

1,000+ Seeds = $1.00 per seed

10,000+ Seeds = $0.80 per seed

100,000+ Seeds = $0.75 per seed

1,000,000+ Seeds = $0.50 per seed


SPECIAL 🤩 Jar Deal:

1 Jar = $15,000 ($0.50 per seed)

(32,260 actual seeds, 1LB total, includes 7.5% extra seeds)

MOQ = 1 Jar (Pictured Above)


International Orders Are Welcome:

*MOQ for orders outside USA is 10,000 seeds and requires phytosanitary certificate good for 14 days which we obtain on a case by case basis. Submit the form below to learn more reasons to Grow Hempress 3...

Grow Hempress 3

Hempress 3 Back Story

We discovered Hempress 3 in our search for high-ratio Total THC compliant hemp genetics for CA Farms 2019 planting.  We acquired the full material transfer and breeding rights of the Hempress 3 Cultivar in August 2019.


October 2019 we flew out to Colorado to visit a farm who purchased 8.5 million Hempress 3 feminized seeds early in the year.  This farm direct-seeded Hempress 3 on 1,700 acres and grew a successful harvest on pivot at 7,600+ feet elevation in San Luis Valley, CO:

H3 1700acres San Luis Valley, CO

Despite an early end to Colorado’s outdoor crops due to extreme freezes in early October, the farm was happy with the results of their Hempress 3 direct seeded biomass crop, and pre-purchased more Hempress 3 feminized CBD hemp seeds for their 2020 planting.


This is the largest scale we have seen Hempress 3 grown. This farms success in 2019 exemplifies the future of large-scale direct seed growing methods to produce high-ratio CBD hemp biomass at scale and further proves the value of our Hempress 3 Cultivar.


Hempress 3 is a USDA Compliant High CBD Terpene Rich Industrial Hemp Seed Cultivar, not Cannabis. Hempress 3 Cultivar Breeding Rights, the Hempress.3 Brand and Hempress3.com are owned by Exotic Canopy Solutions, LLC. For compliance questions, customer concerns or ordering, please contact Beth Jones at (530) 228-0969.

Exotic Canopy Solutions, LLC does not warrant or guarantee any financial or cultivation results. Regardless of Seed/Seedling purchased or information provided, seed/seedling buyers and users are liable for all legal ramifications and financial risks associated with cultivating and growing their industrial hemp crops in the United States. Exotic Canopy Solutions, LLC does not guarantee any percentage for the levels of THC or CBD, germination or feminization, as an end result for seed/seedling buyers or users because growing techniques, climate, natural disasters and other variables will affect these results. We recommend weekly R&D potency testing following USDA sampling and testing requirements during flowering cycle to monitor Total THC levels and schedule pre-harvest testing for compliant harvest within 0.3% Total THC threshold.